“I had no idea how popular a New Zealander can be”

Adam Scott won the WGC event on the weekend but there’s been plenty of discussion about the comments from his caddy Steve Williams. 

Most of us would agree it wasn’t a great look for Williams to talk so much after the event, and perhaps took some of the attention off of Scott’s great performance. But, I really don’t think it’s going to bother Scott much as all.

During Adam Scott’s post-round interview he was asked about the popularity of Steve Williams;

Q: What was it like walking up 18, tournament in hand, and all the fans are yelling for your caddie? (Laughter.)
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I had no idea how popular a New Zealander can be, coming from Australia. Surprising.
The guy seems to take most things in his stride. He’s relaxed and pretty happy with his golf game right now. I think Williams can say whatever he wants without it bothering Scott at all.
Bring on the US PGA Championship.

4 thoughts on ““I had no idea how popular a New Zealander can be”

  • It’s a shame that the old caddy is vengeful towards Tiger. He was making over $1,000,000 a year for over a decade caddying for Tiger and you could tell that he wasn’t very sharp and would have been lucky to make a moderate living if he hadn’t gotten lucky by caddying. He thinks he’s a star by carrying some guy’s bag, when it doesn’t matter who carries his bag. I think that Tiger is better off with his new caddy as he is a long-time friend of his from high school. I saw some pictures of him, and apparently they played on the same golf team in high school. At least his new caddy knows how to swing a club himself. The pictures are on this website http://winby5.com/index.html#tiger

  • According to Wikipedia, Williams played to a 2 handicap at age 13 – evidence he knows how to swing a club.

  • Williams is a very good golfer. I’ve seen him play here in NZ at a charity event. He knows how to swing a club.


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