How to make a 200ft putt

Dave Pelz is a golf coach and writer who has great tips on the short game. Here, in a segment for the Golf Channel in the US, he shows how to drain a 200ft putt. The video is not of great quality but the putt is no less incredible.

Thanks to Jay at Devil Ball Golf for the heads up on this one.

2 thoughts on “How to make a 200ft putt

  • September 25, 2009 at 16:11

    Michael, if you’re interested in the details (’cause I saw the original broadcast), Dave Pelz sank this putt during an instructional segment he did for Golf Channel’s broadcast of the 2004 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Kohler MI. That’s his son Eddie tending the flag and, if I remember correctly, the putt actually measured around 234 feet. It’s the most incredible putt I’ve ever seen.

    I suspect this piece is resurfacing because the PGA Championship is returning to Whistling Straits in 2010. If you’ve never seen the place, you’ll have to watch – it looks like a links course on steroids!

  • September 26, 2009 at 08:34

    Thanks Mike. I had no idea. Whistling Straits does sound amazing – looking forward to it.


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