History of the World Cup of Golf: video

I’d just like to postscript this video with a few extra bits of information about this year’s event at Royal Melbourne.

The 2013 World Cup of Golf has $8 million in prize money – $7 million assigned for the individual event and $1 million for the team event. So make no mistake, this is primarily an individual event.

And worth a read elsewhere is Mike Clayton’s take on the tournament:

The golf will be good this week. Maybe the team component will make for extra excitement at the end but even that is hard to imagine given its unlikely ‘teams’ will even be paired together.

And, if Adam Scott has two putts to win the team’s event but one putt to win the individual money does anybody think he will be lagging?

Not a chance.

It’s such a pity this isn’t match play or some other format other than stroke play. All the same, it’s great to have a tournament of this stature in the country again and let’s hope that it stays here, with a few tweaks added in future.

One thought on “History of the World Cup of Golf: video

  • Excluding the obvious ‘names’, this tournament is looking like the who’s who of who. Sad that it is an individual event first and foremost. Venue is top notch but if it is an individual event it is a pity no more than 2 from any one country can play. That said, this does allow a lot of lesser known golfers, who’s bank balance might be somewhere in the deep dark shadows of Adam Scott’s, to compete for some real cash. Don’t worry, I’ll be watching but I’m critical of the format. Surely the previous 59 years should count for something. I know it has changed format before but to reduce the team aspect to a bob (sideshow) is shameful. Rant over.


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