Here’s an idea, 14-hole golf courses

Sometimes even the wacky ideas need some space. Aussie Golfer spent most of last weekend at the Australian Open but the most interesting, craziest and “will not happen” golf idea came at an unrelated event.

koolau2It came from your everyday golfer. A mid-week social player who loves his golf and it came after we had been discussing the time it takes to play golf and its effect on family life. In short, it is hard to fit golf in and subsequently, we don’t play as often.It doesn’t help that Stuart Appleby’s group played their first round last week in 5 hours 45 minutes and nothing was said or done by tournament organisers. It was relatively windy and a tough course but in a group of three where you have hundreds of spectators eager to find your ball for you, there is no excuse. It is no wonder amateur golfers are happy with 4 – 5 hour rounds these days.

The idea was that every course in the world be reduced to 14 holes. Four holes, or a sizeable chunk of land is sold off netting the golf club a tidy sum of money for whatever they please and golf is now played in two lots of seven holes.

As I said, it’s a crazy idea that will not happen but it is fun to think outside the box here. Many short golf courses could well become championship courses, more golf would be played and even Stuart Appleby’s group could complete a round of golf in under three hours.

What is a reasonable time for a round of golf for you?
What other crazy ideas could revolutionise golf?

4 thoughts on “Here’s an idea, 14-hole golf courses

  • Back in September I wrote a post called “Why Not a Par 67 Course?” Seems to me like a good way to make those old championship courses usable again. And since we generally keep score as “two under” or “par” or “one over,” I don’t think it should be a problem. I got some mixed responses to the idea, though.

    It all comes down to this: A par of 72 isn’t a sacred number, and neither is an 18 hole course. But change never comes easy, does it? I’ll be interested to see how the LPGA’s experiment with the “race” format works out next year!

  • No offense but that is the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard of in my life.

    As a golf purist, there is no appeal in that to me whatsoever.

    If you find that other priorities in your life make it to difficult to “squeeze” in a round then consider these two things:

    1. You made that bed, now sleep in it.
    2. You can always play nine, thus actually increasing your time available for your family.

  • I reasonable time for me is 3 hours. But unfortunately you seldom get to play more than 12 holes on that time.

  • As I said, this WILL NOT happen but I think it is fun to think about options than can increase the speed of play other than the usual, and often good, suggestions.

    Par 72 and 18 holes are not sacred as you suggest Mike but golf, being the great game it is, is full of tradition and conservatism. It’s hard to shake.

    Bottom Line J, I’m not sure being a “purist” is an argument against this. It’s very much like the “tradition” “argument”. Not sure how the “bed” applies here either but I agree with the nine holes. Something done regularly indeed. Should we cull all courses to 9? 🙂

    Under 3 hours would be perfect!


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