Goydos praises Australian golf

Paul GoydosAussie Golfer referred to an article yesterday on the trials of Paul Goydos over the past year. Watching the Goydos at last years Australian Open, he seemed to be one of the few golfers who wasn’t strutting around like they invented the game.

I’ve just stumbled upon another superb article by John Huggan at the Scotsman concerning Goydos. I urge you all to read the whole story. It outlines his state of mind before last year’s final round at The Players Championship:

“How did you sleep?” enquired the interviewer. “On my back,” replied Goydos.

It gives a fabulous account of Goydos making a stand at a dinner one evening against some of Tom Watson’s views on gangs in rough parts of big cities:

“Tom’s take was that they were all just bad kids and we needed to do something about it. My reaction was that ‘this guy went to Stanford? Are you kidding me?’ “

And lastly he rounds out with some of his views on his time in Australia last year, offering some advice for US golf course setup:

“It would do wonders for American golf in general to go to Australia to take a look at the courses,” he says. “The greens there are the best in the world. So are the fairways.

The Age reported today that Goydos is keen to come out to Australia again at the end of the year:

“Coolum and Royal Sydney were great and I don’t think those courses are even close to (the quality) of Kingston Heath and New South Wales. From what I understand, Kingston Heath and New South Wales are two of the five best golf courses in the world.

Tiger’s getting the money to play here this summer but Paul Goydos should be given a free pass to come and go as he pleases. Yes, he does say nice things about the place but it’s not hard to see the guy is all class with a view on life rarely seen. He should be warmly welcomed.

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