Golfers’ Nightmare: When the Green Becomes a Snake Pit

A snake on a golf course is always a scary sight, but how about five or six of them hanging out on the green?

This video has been floating around social media for a few months but we’ve only just plucked up the courage to share it here.

From the Department of Nightmare Fuel comes this video originally shared on TikTok of a whole stack of snakes hanging out on a golf course.

The video shows five, maybe six snakes hanging out on a green and the golfers playing the course are totally freaking out.

From what we can gather the video was taken at a golf course in Pennsylvania in the US. Perhaps best to stay clear of that part of the world for your next golf trip.


What would you do in this situation?! #snakes #golf #birdie #eagle #par #ball #putt #putting #green #what @ESPN

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