Golf TV coverage – more talk

There was also a lot of talk during the course of the Open about The Open Championship TV coverage. Many of you expressed your delight at the decisions by Channel Nine to not broadcast the golf despite owning the rights to the event. Thanks for all the comments.

As I was watching the drama of the final round unfold I was clicking around to check cricket and cycling updates. Inadvertently clicking across to Channel Nine I found the golf on! Live! Somehow the powers at Nine decided at the last minute to show the golf after all. Although they’d better not use the rating data to justify golf broadcasting in future as most golf fans were watching on Foxtel or gone to bed.

There was a great article written by Benjamin Conkey over at The Roar on the sins of Channel Nine over the past few months including the sneaky tactics used during coverage of Wimbledon:

Also the Wimbledon coverage, where Nine pretended to show a Stosur match live, while crossing to Lleyton Hewitt’s match. The phony coverage was expertly uncovered by Media Watch.

He also speculates a deal may have been done between Foxtel and Channel Nine:

The cynic in me says a sneaky cash payment could have been made by Foxtel to Nine to prevent them from showing the event live.

The cynic in me says the same thing.

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