Golf Trivia Answers #7

  1. What year did Europe replace Great Britain & Ireland to compete for the Ryder Cup?
  2. True or False: In stroke play, if a competitor returns a card with the correct scores for each hole but the total is incorrect, he shall be disqualified.
    FALSE. The player is not responsible for the score total. The player only needs to ensure the hole-by-hole scores are correct. A golfer can return a score card without totalling up the score.
  3. What’s the minimum distance allowed between adjacent grooves on a golf club?
    The distance between edges of adjacent grooves must not be less than three
    times the width of the grooves, and not less than 0.075 inches (1.905 mm).

  4. Aside from Tiger Woods, which four currently competing golfers have won the most majors? (Excluding golfers on the senior tours) Hint: All four golfers have won 3 majors.
    Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington and Vijay Singh have all won 3 majors each.

  5. Who are the two people in the image below?
    Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and current Australian LGPA professional, Katherine Hull.

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