Golf shocks

What is going on?! There were two golf stories that baffled Aussie Golfer last week that just had to be discussed.

Firstly, Ian Poulter pulled out of the Singapore Open. Not because his pants were too tight or because he couldn’t decide which shirt would match his Singapore flag pants but because someone stole his driver! These professional golfers are good. Real good. Can things really go that badly if you have to use a slightly different driver? How personalised is this driver anyway? Is it corked? Surely there was one around that will do?!

Even more amazing was the news that the Pro V1 you may have been using for years is not only illegal but a different design to the original ones that were sold. Callaway won a court case against Titleist which had used its patents in the Pro V1 and they will not be sold beyond 2009.

According to the good folk over at MyGolfSpy, Titleist changed the design of the Pro V1 in September 2008 in order not to infringe on the Callaway copyrights! I’m not convinced the Pro V1 is even the best golf ball on the market now. It certainly was at one time (as a Callaway rip off) but it still sells by name despite many other contenders.

It seems Titleist has patented a new design anyway (pictured). Maybe this is the Pro V2! For a full report and a link to Titleist’s official patent design go to this link on MyGolfSpy.

One thought on “Golf shocks

  • So Cobra couldn’t get hold of any drivers with similar specs to the one that Poulter normally uses??

    Maybe Ian Poulter should have just grabbed any old driver that he could get his hands on, because with the precious one that was stolen he was a lofty 187th ranked in total driving!!! Maybe a change would have helped!! What a tosser.

    As for Pro VI, well it sucks to be them at the moment and like a lot of products across many fields, they probably got away with brand loyalty for a long time!! It will be interesting to see if that loyalty stays with them, I don’t think the Pro V was as fantastic as i was continually told it was anyway!


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