Golf exposed in a whole new way

The PGA of Australia have just launched a very different way of promoting the game of golf.
In a bid to attract a younger generation to golf, the Australian PGA have just launched a new “flat bellies” campaign featuring some of Australia’s “hottest” young professionals. 
The campaign is very different to anything else the Australian PGA has done before. Each professional has been featured in a series of high fashion style photography shoots hoping to attract young Australians aged 18-30 and most importantly females which are at the top of the target list.
Now, we all know sex sells but sex and golf doesn’t always mix very well. I’m not sure how the results of such a campaign are assessed, but if it works and gets more people to the game, then I’m all for it.
Ex-PGA Tour player James McLean appears in the shoot. McLean won the NCAA Championship in 1998 and looked set to become Australia’s next golf superstar. He faded into oblivion after a wrist injury saw him compete with medical exemptions until the end of 2006.
Daniel Beckman was also brave enough to appear in the campaign. 23-year-old Beckman earned his PGA of Australia card at qualifying school earlier this year and is currently playing the Australasian Tour with McLean.
“Those who play golf know that the common stereotypes about the sport are incorrect and I hope through this campaign non-golfers will see that there are plenty of young people enjoying and excelling in golf,” said Beckmann.
Check all the pics and the full PGA of Australia campaign.

One thought on “Golf exposed in a whole new way

  • What a great idea, im sure this will help shake the image of golfers being mostly middle aged beer drinking fat men and encourage more into the sport. May also get a few new ladies taking notice.


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