Golf deserves better than this piss poor piece of journalism

If you need evidence as to why professional athletes get annoyed with journalists (a minority I hasten to add), then this is exhibit A.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s Editor-in-Chief Sean Aylmer, wrote this gob-smacking piece of tripe this week about a recent interview with Greg Norman. I’ve been sitting on it for a few days unsure of whether I should give it any more publicity but it’s annoyed me so much that I need to get it off my chest.

“My recollection is slightly hazy here. Did the opening of the door knock my shoulder?  It doesn’t really matter. In midstream my body shifted. Momentarily, I found myself pissing all over Norman’s trophy.”

It’s hard to believe this was printed in one of our most respected newspapers. On the back of this other piece of rubbish a day later, you have to wonder where it is all going.

In recent times, some of Australia’s best golf journalists are no longer holding positions at our best newspapers due to cutbacks affecting the printed press the world over. It may be tempting then to use this as the reason for the above-mentioned article, but I tend to think this was just a lazy puff piece and a bad mistake to go to press.
The whole think reads like a self-promotional piece that you perhaps could excuse from a cadet journalist  but not from the Editor-in-Chief. Besides, where is this Greg Norman interview anyway?

8 thoughts on “Golf deserves better than this piss poor piece of journalism

  • I just read the article…..
    So he spend 1.5 hours with The Shark and he writes about going to the Loo?
    Absolutely terrible, cannot believe how it made it to print

  • Perhaps Aylmer, the journalist ?????, is the one who should be pissed on!

  • It’s amazing that this was even published. One of the worst articles you will every read.

    I’m not sure what he was trying to achieve by printing it. It has no purpose and seems like it was written just to take up space in the newspaper.

  • You’ve hit the point. There is a difference between Journalism and blogging. If that was a blog, he can say what he wants, but for a respected news source, that’s way out of line. Who’s the editor that approved that article?

  • how many events around the world has this clown won. normans won 82 at last count?

  • Clearly he didn’t like Norman but that’s irrelevant, the guy is a legend and deserves some respect.

    Cuts for real journalists while they fly this moron to the US to write about toilets. Embarrassing…

    And I’m all for a comedic slant on any sports piece, in fact I prefer it, however if this was the intention here then I’d suggest a writer with a background in dry economic pieces isn’t the guy to attempt it.

    Toilet humour at its worst…literally.


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