For the Love of Golf

I do love golf for many reasons and after a few weeks of heartbreak from teams I support in other sports the love for it has been intensified. It brings deep satisfaction that personally the heartbreak is short lived when on the golf course and when things go wrong there’s always next week to rectify the situation. The golfer is in complete control and for that reason, you can blame only yourself and congratulate only yourself when good shots and good times arrive.

Furthermore, when watching golf I hate to see anyone lose as I know what it’s like to miss short putts, leave your ball in a bunker or slice one into the lake. I can only imagine what it’s like to do those things when playing for lots of money. I can still want a particular golfer or golfers to win an event but knowing that if they don’t, whoever does win, deserves it. It’s a tough game. I don’t feel as if I ever really get the heartache from a loss like other sports (Rugby, AFL, Football) but I still get the rush watching a great golfer play a wonderful shot or sinking a long putt myself!

Golf is great, while others (a friend of mine on Saturday) say it’s evil. I often proclaim it’s all I’ll ever follow and do in the sporting realm from now on, but that’s not true. I will still go back to watch Europeans dive and destroy my country’s hope in a World Cup final. I will persist in watching my country perform terribly in a World Cup quarter final and I will continue to watch my AFL team lose in the final kick of the game.

Why? ‘Cause it makes me love golf even more.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Golf

  • I enjoy watching golf, but the biggest thrill for me when watching is not seeing someone drop a monster or play the perfect shot, it’s the times when they shank one or have to play from somewhere deep in the trees or when they miss that easy two footer, because it gives me hope that maybe i’m not that bad after all and now they feel what 95% of all other golfers feel when these things happen!

  • You truly are a cruel man AD!


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