Emotional Tiger Woods may have played his last Open at St.Andrews

The idea of this being his last Open Championship at St.Andrews brought Tiger Woods to tears on the 18th hole.

An emotional Tiger Woods has walked over the Swilcan Bridge on the 18th hole at St.Andrews for possibly the last time in an Open Championship.

Woods was again a little rusty, signing off for a 3-over par 75 on The Old Course to finish his tournament at 9-over par, nine strokes outside the cutline.

As the crowds stood and cheered the 15-time major champion on his walk up the 18th, Woods was briefly overcome with emotion.

Woods’ briefly shed tears soon after Rory McIlroy gave him a tip of the cap as he walked down the neighbouring 1st hole to begin his round.

“As I walked further along the fairway, I saw Rory right there. He gave me the tip of the cap. It was a pretty cool — the nods I was getting from guys as they were going out and I was coming in, just the respect, that was pretty neat. And from a players’ fraternity level, it’s neat to see that and feel that,” Woods said.

And then as I got into the shot — or closer to the green, more into the hole, the ovation got louder and got — you could feel the warmth and you could feel the people from both sides. Felt like the whole tournament was right there.”

Woods is adamant he isn’t retiring from tournament golf just yet though.

“I’m not retiring from the game. But I don’t know if I will be physically able to play back here again when it comes back around. I’ll be able to play future British Opens, yes, but eight years’ time, I doubt if I’ll be competitive at this level,” Woods said.

“It’s a struggle just playing just the three events I played this year. That in itself was something I’m very proud of. I was able to play these three events, considering what has transpired.”

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