Dyson DQ’d for tapping down a mark on the green: video

A little rules reminder about the dangers of tapping down marks on the green, from Simon Dyson at the BMW Masters.

England’s Simon Dyson was disqualified after the second round of the BMW Masters after TV viewers spotted him tapping down this mark in the line of his putt.

It feels harsh but it is against the rules and one that every golfer should know – although many golfers pretend to repair a plug mark to get around it.

3 thoughts on “Dyson DQ’d for tapping down a mark on the green: video

  • Disappointed to note your comment about golfers pretending to repair a pitch mark when it is a spike mark. I always check with my partners if there is any doubt

    • Fair point mate, I didn’t exactly convey what I meant very well. Didn’t mean to imply all golfers do this, just that occasionally I’ve seen tour pros repair marks as if they were plugmarks.

  • Wow, I don’t agree that it was harsh though. Break the rules suffer the consequences and there’s no way you can tell me he didn’t know, cause it’s obvious he wilfully did it. I’ve even had a guy say to me prove that wasn’t a pitch mark when he repaired a spike mark.


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