GOLF Trampoline effect drivers to be banned next year

A host of new rules being ushered in will mean many new drivers will be deemed illegal from January 1, 2008.
All drivers which impart a spring effect off the club face onto the ball will be banned from this date next year. In effect, if your driver applies a trampoline effect to the ball at impact it will be illegal next year.

I assume this has been brought in in an attempt to curb the huge distances these clubs are producing but I’m not sure many know about this fact as a few people including a club assistant pro, weren’t aware of it.

Now there are a couple of questions that need to be asked here.
Which drivers will be deemed illegal and how will this impact (no pun intended) the social/club golfer?

The first question is easy to answer as there’s a list of non-conforming drivers listed on the R&A golf website.

As for the regular, everyday amateur golfer, we’re not sure how this will impact other than I assume it won’t be as rigidly enforced to begin with but perhaps fazed in over time. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “GOLF Trampoline effect drivers to be banned next year

  • The main club I have found that seems to be illegal is the Hi-Bore XL. This was a very popular club still being sold last year. Theres goes $400.00

  • You’re absolutely right. That’s a popular one and still out there I’m sure. Interestingly there’s some subtleties to identifying the Hi-Bore which is actually banned.


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