Ditching the Longest Drive

My latest piece in Inside Golf looks at ditching longest drive competitions.

The longest drive competition is a common feature of corporate and charity golf days but it has always irked me. So much so, it was the topic of my latest piece in Inside Golf magazine.
Read the article below, or look for it in golf clubs and stores around the country. It’s free!

3 thoughts on “Ditching the Longest Drive

  • Michael,
    Longest Drive: couldn’t agree more.
    Best option for Corporate or even club golf is:
    White line or string down the CENTRE of the fairway and measure left/right as you go, then at the (say) 250m mark fill out the card for the closest white line.
    White line can be marking paint …… as used in GUR marking.
    This means that ALL players have a chance to compete, accuracy is the purpose and “middle-of-the fairway is rewarded (provided the player hits a reasonable length wood or long-iron (i.e shots less than (say) 150m/180m do not count so that players cannot use accurate Pitching Wedges or 9 irons.
    Much more fun in a “comp or casual” golf day.

  • Have to see that i disagree with you here. One of the very rare times. At my course on a weekend, we vary between LD, NTP and a drive and pitch every week. Regardless of the week, we only ever have 1 NTP and 1 D&P, but when the LD is up for grabs our course gives the opportunity for 1 for each grade. This gives each golfer a fair chance as the A graders are competing against A grade and so on. Sure NTP’s are nice but i have seen them won with the ball trickling around the ground and rolling up to t he pin. In all honestly i would rather see more D&P to make you hit 2 good shots. OR even better, put the money for these prizes in the pool to give more to the winners or spread the field out!


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