Power Balance band scam: Ditch the plastic, hit some golf balls

Golf is no stranger to quick cures and accessories claiming to improve your game. The latest nostrum has many golfers reaching for their wallet.
Power Balance bands have begun adorning the wrists golfers worldwide. A whole range of famous athletes has been seen promoting trialling the piece of plastic including professional golfers, Paul McGinley and Jose Maria Olazabal.
Now poorer social golfers are following suit.
Some of you may remember the Q-Ray bracelet and know that these things only work as a placebo. The circle of quackery in question can be bought for around $60, sometimes much more.
If you are susceptible to the placebo effect and want one, there are plenty of ways to get one. Or just get a rabbit’s foot instead.
A golfer on Twitter told everyone he was hitting the ball 20 metres further. When I asked if it was true, he said he wasn’t sure but added “They can’t hurt”.
They can if you need the $60. They can if you replace it with practice. They can if you have a swing problem.
Keep the cash. Use it for a bucket of balls or get a lesson. That works.

If you want to see how the balance tricks tests are done, here’s how Applied Kinesiology works.

3 thoughts on “Power Balance band scam: Ditch the plastic, hit some golf balls

  • I agree, why are people/sportsman and women so enarmoured with this junk and there’s not just this there are plenty others, which claim the world, come on people open your eyes, next you’ll be telling me if I get acupunture in my big toe it’ll fix my sore knee and help me hit the ball 20 yards further!

    Although,20 yards is a long way….. 🙂


  • Wait, wait wait…So, If thing is supposedly performance enhancing – Isn’t that cheating?

    Sure, I know it’s not outlawed by the rules, but if it works as the manufacturers say it does(It doesn’t, but let’s for a moment suppose) then that’s pretty blatant cheating, no matter the sport you’re playing when wearing it.

  • Nice point Churba! Hadn’t thought of that. I guessing that’s why they haven’t been banned.


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