Daly smashes camera into tree

John Daly had just come off a much needed birdie to get his score to 5-over but had pushed a hybrid into the trees on the right on the 9th at Royal Sydney, his last hole for the day.

A golf fan who had taken the day off of work to get to the Australian Open got a little too brash and tried to take a close up pick up a now furious John Daly. Daly grabbed the camera, threw it into a tree trunk and said “you want it back, I’ll buy you a new one”.

The fan had to pick up the pieces and claims he isn’t going to pursue Daly for a new camera. In some ways this fan was just asking for it by taking a photo right in front of the hot headed Daly but if you hit the ball over the ropes the fans will be close and after all the golf Daly has played this wouldn’t be new to him.

After everything John Daly has gone through and reaching a point in his career where sponsor and tournament invitations are needed, this isn’t going to help. I can’t imagine Nikon or Canon racing to sponsor him.

Full story at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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