Daly sets up stall at Masters

John Daly wasn’t playing at Augusta National last week but he decided to turn up anyway and flog some of his merchandise a few blocks away from the side of his Winnebago. It’s a sorry sight and Aussie Golfer wasn’t going to report this as I assumed it would be big news everywhere else pretty quickly.

This story did not get quite as much press as I thought it would. At least not in Australia so I thought I’d convey my thoughts.

It all just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. John Daly’s six month suspension from the PGA Tour is almost over but what is this gifted golfer doing here? I suppose he may enjoy it. I’d enjoy getting among the great atmosphere around Augusta National at this time of year but it doesn’t seem right somehow. With all the golfing talent he possesses he shouldn’t be in this position.

This was written in the Seattlepi:

Only a few weeks from the end of his six-month suspension from the PGA Tour and slimmer than he’s been in years after surgery to shrink his stomach, Daly is kicking off what could be called his comeback tour at the Masters. The money he makes from shilling his merchandise – cash only, please – will help him stave off bankruptcy. The 40-plus pounds he’s lost in the last eight weeks will help his prodigious game get back under control.

When I saw the image it did confirm the feeling for me but I really hope he does get back on track. It appears things may be going in the right direction and apparently he’s on a high protein diet and drinking very little. He’s a bit of a troubled soul that needs some good friends and sound advice around him as I worry about where the proceeds of his sales may end up being used.

Photo courtesy of Settlepi and Darron Cummings

3 thoughts on “Daly sets up stall at Masters

  • Dang! Not the “comeback” photo I was hoping for. However, he’s definitely slimmer and I didn’t see any mug shots from Augusta. It’s a start. 🙂

  • What I wouldn’t do to have 20% of his golf talent.

    Unfortunately, I do have 100% of his disease of alcoholism. But, by the grace of God, I hit my bottom in 1995 and have been sober ever since thru no great feat of my own. I hope JD seeks help and receives it soon. I am afraid his personal ‘bottom’ might be his final news story…


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