Create your own “live” golf leaderboard using Twitter

Are you sick of your social golf group being treated like second class golfers? Are you tired of your golf events not being televised nationally and golf clubs refusing to display “live” tournament leaderboards?

Well, be tired and sick no more. The popular and often disparaged Twitter social network can do the job for you. Here’s how.
  1. Create an account for your social golf group on Twitter.
  2. Give this account name and password to at least one golfer in each group in the event.
  3. Get them to “tweet” the group scores after every few holes.
That’s it! Anyone on course or at home can watch the scores as they are posted. It gives some live feedback to how everyone is fairing on course and just what is needed to win.

A live leaderboard was trialled recently by a social group which included some of us at Aussie Golfer and proved a success. Clubhouse leaders were posted as they finished and added to the excitement of the day.

Anyone that uses Twitter knows it is capable of more but Aussie Golfer had searched for a long time for an online golf website that could do this job to no avail. With the advent of Twitter and phones with internet access this is now very simple and at everyone’s fingertips.

Let me know if anyone else tries it out.

2 thoughts on “Create your own “live” golf leaderboard using Twitter

  • Of course make sure you phone doesn’t ring on the golf course, if it does, turn it off. herb

    The twitter update works well especially if each group updates it at regular intervals. In the trial Aussie mentioned, the winners group was quiet on the tweets and surprised some contenders who were leader board watching.

  • I’m always surprised at the number of people that don’t use silent on their phones.


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