Craig Parry and THAT shot at Doral in 2004: video

Craig Parry won the 2004 Ford Championship with a truly incredible golf shot.

We seem churn this shot out each year as the tour arrives at TPC Blue Monster at Doral. But it’s such a great golf shot we have to watch it again.

Craig Parry and Scott Verplank were playing the 18th hole in a playoff at the 2004 Ford Championship. Verplank was lying just off the green for two, when Parry hit his second shot, a six iron straight at the flagstick.

“My brother said to me when we’re going down 178, he said, “I feel a Shaun Micheel from the PGA coming on.” I just though I would be happy to knock it on the green and have an opportunity for birdie. Sure enough, knocked it on line and it went in the hole.”

Reportedly a few weeks earlier, Parry and Verplank had a beer together, and Parry was feeling a little down about how he only had a few more PGA Tour events to play.

“I was crying on Scott’s shoulder, saying I wasn’t going to play too many more events and I was going to be to Japan. I would be happy to go to Japan and play the European Tour. We have two events in Australia on the European Tour, so I only had to play another nine events.”

It is one of the great shots by an Australian at any professional golf tournament, top-10 at least.

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