Concourse Smart Wheels: The most innovative golf product we’ve seen in years

We’re going to take a closer look at this amazing new product from Concourse Golf in the New Year but we’ve already been so gobsmacked by this innovative, Australian-designed piece of golf technology we had to share this little teaser.

We’ve supported and reviewed a number of products from Concourse Golf before, but this time we’re truly gobsmacked by the innovation of their latest design.

Jason King at Australian Golf Digest TV, and The Golf Show (earlier in the year) took a look at the new Concourse Smart Wheels – and they must surely be one of the most ingenious golf products to come on the market in a long time.

The Concourse Smart Wheels are the world’s first self-contained remote-controlled drive wheels. They’ve been designed so you can transform any golf buggy into a remote-controlled, battery-powered one.

Not surprisingly, we’re told that there are many other sectors outside of golf very interested in what Concourse have come up with here. As I said, we’ll tell you more in early 2019, but for the moment, check out the videos below from The Golf Show and Australian Golf Digest TV.

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