Check out this Every man’s putter

Questions should have been raised about Matt Every’s putter.

There was a time when I used to get surprised by seeing a new style of putter in the golf store. No more. It seems there is a new crazy style putter released each week and the shapes and sizes are wilder than ever.
Matt Every was in the golf news last week thanks largely to the Golf Channel dredging up 3 month ban placed upon him by the PGA Tour. The interview was awkward when questions were asked about the incident when Every was arrested for drug (pot) possession. Charges were never laid but the relatively harmless incident was still raised in the interview.
What Golf Channel should have been asking was questions about Every’s putter. The putter looks like a video cassette on the end of a stick.
The Blackhawk putter is a prototype of sorts and being is only being test-marketed in parts of Florida so they aren’t freely available just yet. And even if they were, would you want one?
For the record, Every averaged 28.3 putts per round last week at the Sony Open, ranked 23rd in the field.

2 thoughts on “Check out this Every man’s putter

  • It seems to me that the putter is the most personal of clubs in anybody’s bag. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like so long as it works, its legal and you feel comfortable with it. I have known blokes that have 20-30 putters in their garage who have yet to find one that does all of the above. Each to their own. Would I want that one – I doubt it.


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