Car crashes and no shows

Tiger Woods was involved in a car crash outside of his Florida home at 2:30am this morning. According to sources his car collided with a fire hydrant at low speed but hard enough to knock him unconscious. His wife then apparently smashed the window of his car to rescue him. He has now been released from hospital and a spokeswoman said he suffered minor scratches.

Weird story? Got more questions? It has prompted many to question his driving once again and a whole host of other theories which I’m not even going to dignify by offering them up here. Twitter, The National Enquirer and The Daily Telegraph are not your perfect news sources.

Besides, it is not really golf news.

Golf news that has been proven accurate and reliable is word that Fred Couples will not play in the Australian Open this week. Vijay Singh will also not be playing in the Australian PGA the week after. It seems the long term back problems of Couples will make flying any sort of distance impossible and Vijay has had a recent knee operation, forcing him away from the golf course.

Couples and Singh join Allenby, Clark and Norman as major no shows for Australian golf tournaments this summer. Both the Australian Open and the Australian PGA have great fields in their own right but it seems very little has gone right in terms of promoting both tournaments with big name international players.

At least Tiger made it to Australia, for the right money. It should pay for the repairs.

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