Caddy’s trade punches at Australian Open

Knick knack caddy whack. Caddy’s in a fight at the Australian Open.
In a scene similar to something you may see in Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore, two caddies have traded punches and ended up wrestling each other on the opening day of the Australian Open.
Michael Chammas reports that the bagmen of Marc Leishman and James Nitties were seen to be in a heated argument at the practice green before the opening round. The pair then traded punches before rolling around on the ground in some sort of looper stupor.

Grant Buchanan and Matt Kelly, on the bags for James Nitties and Marc Leishman respectively, came to blows about 11.15am on Thursday. 

Fairfax Media witnessed punches being thrown before the pair fell to the ground and continued wrestling in front of players and spectators. 


The pair were eventually separated, but not before Kelly sustained a cut above his lip and was forced to leave the course to wash the blood from his face.


It was at the 2011 Australian Open that Adam Scott’s caddy Steve Williams got into some hot water for making a few silly comments at a private party. The silly season obviously gets to the looper’s a little sooner than the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Caddy’s trade punches at Australian Open

  • Royal and Ancient guys in Scotland will not be impressed!

  • Love to know what they were arguing about?

    This is a very strange occurrence at a golf tournament!


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