By golly, it is the spitting image of Tiger Woods

I’ve been avoiding this. Mainly because it bores me but also because it is obviously and unequivocally a bad look. It only adds to the demise of Tiger Woods as a role model for golf and to the now endless list of stories about him which have nothing to do with his golf game.

I mentioned it briefly on Twitter, but readers of Aussie Golfer keep bringing the situation up. So just a few comments.

While lining up his putt, Tiger Woods spat on the green during his recent round in Dubai. It was a bad, bad look.

I’m glad that sanity has prevailed and Woods has copped an absolute schellacking about this. I’m also amazed at the tension between Garcia and Woods. The frosty nature between these two, despite their history was still surprising – not to mention, extremely immature.

Once again, the boys on The Back Page sum it up nicely and I prefer to leave most of the details to them – see the video below. If you can’t see the video, the best line came from (not surprisingly) Billy Birmingham:

“The strange thing was when Sergio Garcia had to putt after him, he wanted relief from casual water”.

One thought on “By golly, it is the spitting image of Tiger Woods

  • It’s sad to see people creating a big fuss out of Tiger Woods’ personal life, it has nothing to do with why he’s famous anyway. Good to see that he hasn’t lost his head in the game though.


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