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Today’s post comes from Malcolm of Gold Coast Golfer. It’s a great website with a load of golf news but for my mind, Malcolm is always right on the money when it comes golf equipment. He knows his stuff and he writes for us today about the art of buying a new driver below.

by Malcolm Schulstad

Aussie Golfer and I recently touched on the subject on whether or not one manufacturer’s driver really is all that different to another. With most manufacturers having access to the same technology and rules imposed on what they can and can’t do with a club head, can one manufacturer really make a driver that is so much better than another?

Different shapes and sizes, the weight of the club head and the strategic positioning of the weights, whether a face is set to being open or closed at address and by how much, and what shaft is matched to the club head – all of this can be packed into the modern driver to change the way it behaves in a person’s hand. These days of course, you can even get clubs where you can adjust pretty much everything. Weight position, open or closed face, and even changing the shaft on the fly are all things easily done.

On the main though, one driver is going to have some sort of compromise over another, particularly when it changes hands from one person to another. A lighter, longer shafted driver might be ideal in the hands of a player who lacks upper body strength but has good rhythm. In the hands of a strong player with a fast swing, that driver might be a disaster. Someone with a tendency to fade might be looking for a driver that promotes a draw swing. That same driver could cause another person to hook. Looking for maximum distance or accuracy? You may need to sacrifice workability. And so on and so forth.

Do the drivers of one manufacturer differ to another? Absolutely. Is there one company that makes a driver better than the others? Probably not. What there will be however is a company that makes a driver that is best suited to your own swing.

So when in the market for a new driver, asking which driver is the best is probably the wrong question.  Instead, ask yourself what is it you’re really looking for. More distance? Greater workability? Higher ball flight? At the same time, figure out what you might want this driver to correct. Less fade? Tighter dispersion?

If you can answer some of these questions, the quest for your ideal driver becomes a simpler exercise and with a bit of luck and a couple of demo days. It becomes a simple matter of trying some out and seeing which ones do what you want them to do. After that – pick the one that gives you the most confidence. After all, half the battle is just believing you can hit a club well.

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