British Open observations

  • Beanies over caps are the new black. Perhaps there’s a market for capped beanies?
  • The Shark again? Surely not.
  • It feels like a very exciting British Open even without Tiger in it. No one knows what is going to happen next.
  • Day 1 morning conditions were summed up by this: KJ Choi hit a full 3-iron 140m.
  • Quote of the day, Craig Parry: “You could play it in no wind and it’s really difficult. I reckon you should grab a carton of beer or a hot coffee and go and sit behind the sixth green, I tell you what, that is going to have some bogies and doubles and triples.” There’d have to be some difference in the time it takes you to get home depending on whether you choose the carton or coffee you’d think.

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