Birth of the hybrid golf club

In 1982, Jim Simons became the first tour player to win a professional tournament with metal woods in his bag and edespite Justin Leonard winning The Open Championship in 1997 with persimmon woods, it set metal woods firmly into golf bags around the world.

Y.E. Yang’s majestic approach shot to the final hole at Hazeltine last Sunday to win the PGA Championship, has now firmly set hybrid golf clubs into golf bags around the world. The shot has been reported many times, each time using the words “3-iron hybrid” or words to that effect. The details are mentioned over and over not just for its brilliance and Yang’s courage but for its role in the great Tiger cull of 2009.

I wonder how many non-golfers are wondering just what a “3-iron hybrid” is – an electric powered shot perhaps? I wonder how many golfers who had previously expressed a dislike for the new style of clubs are now reconsidering? I wonder if Tiger himself is asking Steve Williams if he minds carrying one more club?

I’ve come across many weekend golfers of varying skill levels that refuse to put a hybrid golf club in the bag because its not right – “….and anyway, Tiger doesn’t even use one”.

It’s a debate that echoes the one about putting from off the green. It’s refused on grounds varying from “not wanting to give-in to bad chipping” to “it’s not right – the putter’s for the putting green”. The fact remains, you need to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. Many golfers cut off their nose to spite their face.

Herein lies the beauty of the hybrid which many golfers already know. It’s easier to hit than a 3-iron and can be used from a multitude of lies and situations. Like any new club it takes a little bit of getting used to but thanks to Yang Yong-Eun’s history making shot, it can hold it’s hybrid head high with a new nickname – “A Tiger Beater”.

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3 thoughts on “Birth of the hybrid golf club

  • I guess you guys from the land down under, (where women glow and men plunder) are real men and us Yanks are pussies, because even most of our low. low handicappers are using various hybrids and have been.

    Remember, it wasn’t that long ago everyone heard Vijay had a 7-wood with a 5-wood length shaft hitting it 235 yards and more 5 and 7 woods were sold to better golfers and more 1-irons went to a watery grave.

    How about a ‘Tiger Tamer’..?? Might be a case of false advertising, but Mr. Yang did hit one f’ing gorgeous shot on eighteen, didn’t he??

  • You’re absolutely right Vince. I believe a lot of pro’s don’t even have 3-iron’s in the bag anymore.

    Most down here have them as well but I just wonder whether this is now the moment it was firmly placed in the bag? Maybe not. Helluva shot though. Helluva shot.


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