Best golf videos of 2009

Aussie Golfer has featured many golf videos throughout 2009. To take you into the New Year here are the best of them in one neat little package.

Most prophetic video of 2009

Tiger is a loser. So David Feherty knew all along?

Best million dollar hole-in-one of 2009

This guy had one shot at a million dollars by making a hole-in-one. He did so and put on a million dollar celebration.

Most amazing golf swing of 2009

I described this as ‘a constipated pair of scissors’. It still holds and I’m still baffled by it now.

Best golf commercial of 2009

This one came out through Callaway this year and rang true for many people!

Best golf shot by an Australian in 2009

John Senden scores an albatross.

Best hole-in-one of 2009

Just incredible.

Best retro advertisement of 2009

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