Australians at the Majors: The Tournaments

What major golf tournament has given Australian golf the best success since 2000? By analysing the results and assigning points to golfers finishing in the Top 30 Aussie Golfer has been able to answer such a question and you may be surprised.

In short, Australian’s have had their best results at the US PGA Championship!

Take a look at the first image below. It illustrates the total number of points Australian golfers have acquired on average (assigned and explained in the previous articles) for each major golf championship (in blue). Simply, the PGA Championship has the most points. On average, 15.3.

golf majors points

The figure also shows the number of players on average who gain entry into each major. The British Open usually has the most Australians entered, averaging around 17 but a quick glance again shows how well the Aussies play at the US PGA. A far larger number of points are acquired for a smaller number of entrants. Bring on Hazeltine, Minnesota!

Lastly, it’s interesting to look the percentage of cuts made for each major golf championship. the last image shows the US PGA again figuring the best for the Australian golfers since 2000 with an average of 60% of Australian golfers entering the major, making the cut. the British Open is a low figure and possibly reflects the shear number of ways Australians can enter the tournament and maybe some aren’t prepared.

cuts made

There’s a million different ways to look at all this. Let me know if you’d like some more stats. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.

One more thing. Who are the best Australian golfers when it comes to the majors since 2000? I’ll let you know in the last article of this highly anticipated series tomorrow.

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