Australian Open Stadium Hole

Aussie Golfer is trying to side one way or the other on the party hole idea the Australian Open organisers have come up with for the past two years. Sponsored by Oakley and fit out with a bar and a DJ, it’s aimed to spice the atmosphere up a bit and appeal to your average sports fan. Mainly through alcohol.

The biggest criticism has come from Robert Allenby and I think he has a point. The best article on the issue comes from Nick Walshaw at FoxSports. There’s two major issues they need to get right if they are to continue with it.

  • The hole needs to be on the front nine. This way patrons won’t be ridiculously drunk when the final group come through and it forces spectators to walk about the course to see more golf.
  • It needs to be on a short, relatively easy par-3. Not a 2-iron to a small green 17th like they did last week.
I’ve been pretty impressed with what Robert Allenby has had to say of late. If only his golf would speed up.

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