Australian golf courses become water hazards

The drought has definitely broken. There is barely a dry square metre in the country and there are a few golf courses around the country that resemble giant water hazards. Here are a few photos sent to Aussie Golfer from different golf courses around Australia.

Update: Jamberoo Golf Club images

Jamberoo Golf Club
Jamberoo Golf Club is located just under 2 hours drive south of Sydney and was also hit hard by the rains last week. The Jamberoo Golf Club blog has kindly sent us a few pics of their recent inundation. 
Jamberoo Golf
Queanbeyan Golf Club
Queanbeyan, just outside of Canberra, was almost completely submerged during the week and the Queanbeyan Golf Club had some serious flooding as well. Club CEO Nick Condell has kindly passed on some photographs of their wet golf course shown below. I’ll add more images of other courses hit by the deluge as they come in.

One thought on “Australian golf courses become water hazards

  • We’ve had a few courses go underwater on the Gold Coast as well but unfortunately don’t have any pictures to share.


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