Andrew Loupe takes seven practice swings and doesn’t care: video

Could you play with a golfer who took this many practice swings?

There was a lot of twitter chatter this morning about slow play, and in particular the slow play from some particular golfers on the PGA Tour.

American golfer Andrew Loupe bore the brunt of the criticism – and rightly so. This video shows his taking a very fidgety seven practice swings before finally smacking the golf ball into the heavy rough behind a large rock.

But this wasn’t even the worst of them. Geoff Shackleford reported:

Loupe took as many as 11 practice swings before one shot, and Roger Maltbie resorted to counting them, and not because he found it enjoyable.

It doesn’t seem like Loupe cares though. This was the exchange between a reporter and Loupe after the round:

Q. The guys on NBC were giving you a hard time on backing off, taking some extra swings. Is that normal? Were you a little bit nervous today?

ANDREW LOUPE: Maybe a little bit. Playing a little slower right now. We’re on the 18th tee and they’re still on the 18th green. You hurry up and wait if you want but I’m really — I don’t care.

Q. No apologies.

ANDREW LOUPE: No. I’m really playing golf.

It’s a pity that players are being outed like this in social media. They should have been penalised for slow play by the PGA Tour years ago.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Loupe takes seven practice swings and doesn’t care: video

  • It does seem a bit excessive but when you think about it, he only took 40 seconds to hit the ball. That’s not really much extra than a “normal” setup.

  • I agree that it is slow, but for some reason the backing away amplifies an otherwise fairly standard timing pre-shot routine for Loupe and most of the pros out there. Keegan Bradely is another example of this. If he was simply standing over the ball and taking the same amount of time as he is fidgeting and moving backwards and forwards, it wouldn’t be as nearly as noticeable to the viewer.

    The pace of play needs to be addressed as collective though, I’m sure it is unbearable for the fast players on the fairways. As TV viewers we have the benefit of tape delay and often miss he standing around.

  • I think the guys’ statements above are miles off….that routine is absolutely ridiculous….it is not golf


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