An American’s perspective on golf in Australia

We have a lot to be thankful for, as American Geoff Shackleford outlines the differences between golf in the USA and Australia.

Check out this article by American golf writer Geoff Shackleford. Written for Golf Digest, it outlines a few of his thoughts on the differences between playing golf in the US and in Australia.

He largely experienced golf on Australia’s most elite, expensive courses but that makes it even more amazing when he comments on the differences between Australian and American club membership fees:
“Australian golf is amazingly affordable to those of us in a country where just about every basic purchase makes you feel like you’re edging one step closer to bankruptcy. A few elite, big-city clubs in Australia top out at $20,000 (U.S.) for initiation fees, but most are much less, and annual dues are in the $3,500 range.”
He has an incredible fascination with push-carts which is eye-opening, but his take on the ridiculous dress rules at Australia’s elite golf clubs is completely warranted and perfect.
“For instance, boat shoes and no socks, the uniform for American men over 40 arriving for a summer round of golf? No way, Paul Hogan. Golf shoes that look suspiciously like tennis shoes? Those are OK. But actual tennis shoes not made specifically for golf? How dare you! The obsessiveness reaches its zenith with sock fetishes that allow for “anklets” slightly covering the ankles, but sockettes giving the impression of mere foot and shoe fall into the “unacceptable” category.”
Read the full article, ‘Golf: The Australian Way’.

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