Allenby still getting Presidents Cup hate mail

Robert Allenby has recently spoken about the large amount of hate mail he still receives on the back the Presidents Cup and his very public spat with Geoff Ogilvy.

Allenby spoke to Australian Golf Digest editor Steve Keipert for an interview in the latest March issue, and he mentioned the hate mail he receives which began to arrive the week after the Presidents Cup.

“I’ve got hate mail up to my ears at the moment and I’m dealing with a lot of that,” said Allenby. “I’ve been receiving hate mail for the past two to three months about the Presidents Cup, and even before Norman picked me, I had a guy saying, ‘You’re a pr..k, Allenby’.”

He further went on to talk about his on course behaviour;

“I haven’t thrown a club since I was probably 23 or 24. I haven’t broken a club since then, either. I might have used the F word or a bad word or something from missing a putt or hitting a bad shot, but by the time I get to the next shot it’s done and dusted. I’m over it.”

Then Allenby gets stuck into former Australian golfer Paul Gow over comments he made during a podcast after the Presidents Cup.

“Paul Gow has said a lot things just recently about me, too, which I’m not very happy with. Where does he have the right to say anything bad about me? What’s he done in golf?”

After the public argument occurred between Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby at the Australian PGA Championship at Coolum, here is what Paul Gow had to say;

“I have said it before, I think he acts like a five-year-old when he plays golf,” Gow said of Allenby. “He has to understand he plays golf for a living. He was in a team environment and to throw out those comments was really immature.

“It’s probably time for Robert to grow up and take these things on the chin and let his clubs do the talking because he’s a really, really good player.

“With this attitude he will probably never win a major but should he have? Absolutely.”

I really don’t think it was all that bad. And contrary to what Allenby said, you don’t need to have done anything in golf to comment on someone’s poor golf course behaviour.

This is all very bizarre and I find it incredible that Allenby is receiving any hate mail at all. Is he really up to his neck in it? And if so, seriously, who sends hate mail to golfers?!

Robert Allenby is an enigma. Often his on course demeanour, and the time and money he donates to kids with cancer are seemingly at odds with each other. Allenby may need to sharpen up a few of his character flaws but don’t we all.

This is just a game and the hate mail is uncalled for and childish.

Check out the full article on the latest issue of Australian Golf Digest. H/T Golf, by Tour Miss

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