Allenby may still boycott

Robert Allenby lashed out earlier this year after being furious as to the way he was treated at last year’s Australian Open. There is no decision as yet but his management have said he is still considering boycotting this year’s Australian Open at New South Wales Golf Club and will make a decision after the PGA Championship.

It comes along with the news that Geoff Ogilvy, Adam Scott, Greg Chalmers and John Senden have also confirmed their attendance at the Australian Open. Greg Norman has also committed to play the event for the next three years.

Robert Allenby played his 20th consecutive Australian Open at Royal Sydney last year and you would have been forgiven for not knowing it. There was no fanfare or acknowledgement from anyone. On top of that, the abuse he copped at the 17th party hole last year was out of order.

Thankfully, the party hole is not being implemented at New South Wales Golf Club this year. Now we need a few people from Golf Australia to make contact with Allenby and welcome him back. He’s one of Australia’s best golfers and has always done his bit for the Australian Tour. The last thing we need is another bitter, home-grown golfer who isn’t given the respect and merit he deserves by Australian golf.

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2 thoughts on “Allenby may still boycott

  • Well, said. To not have Robert at an Australian Open would be a sad day. But if he decides not to come then Golf Australia needs to have a good hard look at itself. I like the party hole concept but if they can’t control a few unruly patrons then scrap it all together. I would prefer the Aussie contingent always be present than to see Tiger.

  • Well if the “charity event hosting, smiling while on camera” Robert Allenby was assured of playing then that would be a great drawcard and popular with the fans and other players alike. Unfortunately though, the Allenby that normally turns up to the local events is a whinging, big noting, loud mouth who quite frankly is a pain in the arse and wont be missed!


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