Allenby’s awkward reunion with homeless woman who saved his life: video

Allenby embraces homeless woman who saved his life and rewards her with $1000.

Robert Allenby has had an awkward reunion with the homeless woman whom he claims to have saved his life, Charade Keane and rewarded her with $1000.

Channel 9 News originally tracked down the homeless woman that led Allenby to safety after he was allegedly kidnapped, robbed and beaten – and now Channel 7 News have reunited the pair.

The reunion all feels a little awkward – as it would – and having the cameras on you in such a situation isn’t going to exactly make it relaxing.

But some doubt has been thrown over the story because before the reunion with Allenby she had told Channel Nine a different story. The woman had said that Allenby was arguing with some people when she found him, contradicting Allenby’s story claiming he was thrown out of a car 10 kilometres form the win bar.

And further, Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte received a text message from Allenby soon after offering his reason for the woman’s contradicting story.

Golf Channel insider Tim Rosaforte reported on Monday’s “Golf Central” that Allenby texted him, “I’m guessing she’s getting paid” in response to her claims. Allenby later texted Rosaforte, “It’s such a shame that people are focusing on whether the story is true. I say you only have to look at me to see the truth.”

And this all happened before Allenby met up with Keane.

Allenby has officially withdrawn from this week’s Humana Challenge in California and has released an official statement:

On the advice of my personal doctor, I have decided to withdraw from this week’s Humana Challenge. This will enable me to ensure I am fully recovered prior to rejoining the PGA TOUR. I anticipate a full recovery and look forward to returning in the near future.

Once again, I would like to thank the local authorities in Hawaii as well as the PGA TOUR for their assistance. I am also grateful for all the kind words of support I have received from so many people.

Any further updates on the investigation will come from local law enforcement.

I’m really not sure where this saga is going, if anywhere. But Allenby has clearly been beaten up pretty badly and it’s not surprising some of his story may not add up.

Unless some clear contradictory evidence surfaces we’re going with Allenby’s story, and wish him a speedy recovery all the same.

One thought on “Allenby’s awkward reunion with homeless woman who saved his life: video

  • He only values his life at $1000? Sounds more like a bribe to keep the truth from getting out.


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