Alcohol and golf

A regular reader (Herb) came up with this recently when the topic of drinking alcohol during a round of golf was raised. Let it be known, he’s a serious golfer. Enjoys his golf and is serious about it. I got the feeling he’d been wanting to get this off his chest for a while. Turns out Aussie Golfer agrees with him.

Look, I’m trying to concentrate and hit this small white, dimpled ball with a finely made instrument, with precision like accuracy in order for it to go straight. In order for it to all work I have to get all muscles involved, which ordinarily act independently, to work as one unit. I need to perfectly time the whole routine so that they are all acting with the right amount of force and direction at impact. And now on top of all that, we want to introduce alcohol into the equation?!

I’ve paraphrased him a little here and upon asking him if this is close to what he said, this was his reply:

Can’t remember exactly what I said. What I do know is that no serious golfer should drink in the process of achieving golfing nirvana.

5 thoughts on “Alcohol and golf

  • I believe a Biblical quote from the Old Teastament states,and I paraphrase…
    that “wine in moderations frees the spirit of a man…”

    Given the demon spirits “Herb” has, I suggest he needs alcohol in moderation.

  • Interesting topic this.

    My thoughts are generally for Alcohol being consumed on the course as without it:

    1. John Daly wouldn’t have been half as much fun as he was. We wouldn’t have been able to heckle him with “Hey John, how often do you drink?”……”Daily”
    2. You wouldn’t have tested yourself in different ways. Only the marathon goes close to the stamina that is required to do the 9 cans in 9 holes challenge.
    3. You wouldn’t have seen beer wenches that serve you in skimpy outfits – one things the states has got spot on over us.

    Surely some compelling arguments there.

  • What are we talking about here, two or three cold beers on the course is not going to affect even the easiest two pot screamers, come on Herb lighten up, go out and enjoy yourself, don’t take it all so seriously, I’m with Merce on this one, a couple on board might let the mind relax over those short chips!!!

    I’m actually trying to find a good reason why more alcohol can’t be introduced and not just golf, but in everyday life!!!

  • it’s funny how it always seems that rubbish golfers like to drink while playing golf. If you want to have fun playing golf and meet friends then do it, drink. You clearly just want to get out of the house away from the wife and hit a small ball hard but don’t go calling yourself a golfer. herb

  • On the subject of John Daly – he downed a 6 pack on teh back 9 of teh British open final round when he won. So I guess its each to there own.

    Im with AD though – surely there are many wasted beverage opportnities every single day taht we should all try and take advantage of!


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