Adam’s long putter keeps rubbing against my ear

A great article by Richard Hinds in the SMH today – “Us caddies hate to fly our own flag, but it’s hard to be humble when you’ve got 13 majors in the bag” – a somewhat fictional account of a day in the life of Steve Williams, Adam Scott’s caddy.
Some highlights:
7am: Knock on Adam Scott’s hotel-room door and prepare to pull him from beneath a pile of hookers and cocktail waitresses. But he is showered, dressed and ready to go. Strange behaviour for a top-flight player, but it’s not up to a humble servant like me to make moral judgments.
Eleventh fairway: Adam’s long putter keeps rubbing against my ear. But, in this game, hardship and suffering are part of the deal. So I snap the thing over my knee, tell Adam only those dodderers on the senior’s tour and Tiger’s old girlfriends need broomsticks and to man up and putt with a normal implement. He says Tony Navarro never spoke to him like that. The boy clearly needs some tough love.

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