Adam Scott’s 10-step guide to shooting 10-under par

Feel like going low? Interested in shooting 10-under par? This may help.

Adam Scott’s scorecard. Image courtesy of Emirates Australian Open website.

Adam Scott has come racing out of the blocks at the 2013 Australian Open, firing a 10-under par 62 – smashing the previous course record of 65 by three shots.

Jason Day and Kevin Streelman both shot 2-under par opening rounds but they paled into insignificance compared to their playing partner Scott’s majestic round of golf. Many in the media are comparing the excitement that Scott has brought to Australian golf to the glory days when The Great White Shark was smashing course records and winning everything. Albeit with more ego and without a green jacket.

In light of Scott’s phenomenal round, we’ve come up with this list on how you too can shoot 10-under par – with quotes from Adam Scott’s media conferences over the past few days.

  1. Get up at 4:30am for your 7:10am tee time
    Adam Scott makes sure he wakes up at least three hours before his tee time to ensure he is fully prepared. If you too are interested in shooting 10-under par, make sure you do the same.
    “I didn’t actually get up quite that early this morning, about 4:30 or something”.
  2. Make your birdies in stretches – preferably start with six birdies from your opening six holes and finish off with four to finish
    Adam Scott teed off the 10th hole at Royal Sydney today and if you look at his card it looks a lot like he made 10 birdies in a row.
    “Some day I’m going to be able to embellish that I made 10 birdies in a row but that’s going to be a few years until I can get away with that.”
  3. Hit golf balls after your rounds to keep your swing in check
    “I’ve hit a few balls after rounds, which I don’t often do, but just to practice because I’m playing so much the next few weeks. So you need to keep hitting some balls and keep your swing in check. So I’ve kind of tried to plan to play well”
  4. Win The Masters and other golf tournaments to get your confidence up
    “My edge on the field may only be confidence.  Confidence is high, I’m playing a lot of good golf at the moment, shooting a lot of good scores and hitting a lot of good shots.”
  5. Don’t get too frustrated if your swing is leaving you during the middle of the round
    “I think I’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotion out there today, from cruising after six holes to having to work pretty hard for the next six or seven holes just to make some pars and nothing much going my way and getting a bit frustrated.” Scott said.”Missing a green at about the fourth hole, feeling like my swing is leaving me again and then to hit one good shot on the par 3 fifth, close and knock it in and then finish really strong. “
  6. If this round happens to be your 13th competitive round in four weeks, take a few days off to refresh beforehand
    “…at the end of last week I was tired and I was tired the last couple of days but I rested.  That’s how you have to balance a schedule when you’re playing a little more than usual and I kind of had that in mind, knowing that I was playing four weeks.  I’ve taken the days off where I can in the schedule.”
  7. Attack the golf course
    “I’m playing well, I shouldn’t be afraid to attack the course when I’m in the fairway and take my chances because I feel like I’m swinging well, my game’s in good shape.”
  8. Play with someone you like to play with – and dress like them
    “Jase is a really fiery competitor. He gets me fired up to play with him and I think we both like trying to beat each other out there and show each other what we’ve got.” Scott laughed.”We got the kind of team colours a week late there. Remarkable, and a couple of the caddies were dressed appropriately as well but Steve didn’t get the memo.”
  9. Don’t sledge other players
    When asked if there had been any sledging with Robert Allenby this week (the only golfer to have won the ‘triple-crown’) Scott replied:
    “I’ll leave the sledging to the cricketers.”
  10. Hole the four and five footers by practising your putting
    “I don’t think I could have shot any better.  I made every putt I should have made. I just had five footers all day for par or for birdie and I made everything I had an opportunity to. I didn’t leave anything out there. I was out of position a few times and I did well to get back in position and made those five footers. “

One thought on “Adam Scott’s 10-step guide to shooting 10-under par

  • Nothing like a little sarcasm to brighten up the day. Just Love it. Despite that, you can’t take away from Adam’s form. Playing great golf and having a good time doing it. Just Fantastic.


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