Adam Scott makes the switch to short putter, more permanently

Adam Scott has ditched the anchoring method for a more conventional putter.

Adam Scott still has plenty of golf to play in 2015. The former world number one is an integral part of the International Team at The Presidents Cup this week, and he has confirmed his appearance at the 2015 Australian Open in November.

Australian TV Times for the 2015 Presidents Cup

With the ban on anchoring the golf club coming into effect on January 1, 2016, Scott has already made the switch to a more conventional putter and ditching the anchoring method altogether.

Scott played a practice round ahead of the Presidents Cup in South Korea this week with a new, conventional length putter and using a cross-handed grip.

AP reports that Scott has spent the ast five weeks practising with this putter and he feels as comfortable as he has in the past four years.

“I think it was a good time to make a change and spend some time working on it,” Scott said. “It’s a similar amount of time, actually, when I switched to the long putter, that gap of five weeks between events. It took shape quickly, and I feel the same will happen with this.

“It’s kind of refreshing to have to make a forced change because my putting stats are not that impressive this year.”

Scott also commented on his previous switch away from the anchoring method earlier this year that only last a couple of tournaments.

“I didn’t take any time going into that,” he said. “I just did it with no thought and open mind to see how it went. It went well, really, but maybe I got a little jumpy as I neared the Masters without a little practice and went back. But this is a more permanent move. I think I’ve got to stick with it now and get good at it.”

So in addition to a number of interesting narratives ahead of us at The Presidents Cup this week is watching Adam Scott putting cross-handed with the short putter. It sounds a lot like we will see him putting the same way at The Australian Open in late November. We’re in for an intriguing summer of golf.

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