A sign from Arnie

I read this on the ESPN golf page whilst lapping up more stats on the Eldrick Woods phenomenon that keeps on rolling along. Arnold Palmer here gives his views on signing autographs. It’s not something I’ve ever thought of before but I he’s right!

Palmer did not hold back when asked what influence he hoped to have over young players. One of his pet peeves is related to the simple act of signing an autograph for fans.

“I don’t know where a player comes off, a young player particularly, that is being asked to give an autograph and scribbles something down there that you can’t read,” Palmer said. “Well, who in the hell knows what it is? Why take the time to do it? Why not make it legible? Jack Nicklaus, you never have a question about Jack’s autograph. Or Gary Player’s autograph. … If you’re going to give an autograph, make it legible so that people know what the hell they have in their hand.”

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