A detailed look at Jordan Spieth’s unorthodox golf swing

Golf Digest shared this great video last year on Jordan Spieth’s golf swing and I wanted to share it here.

Why now? It’s just one of those videos I keep coming back to and occasionally think about. It’s says a lot golf swings and their impact on the ‘misses’, and specifically whether it’s better to construct a swing for power, or consistency such as Spieth’s.

Spieth’s swing and the instruction from his Australian coach Cameron McCormick are said to defy the trend of golf instruction in terms of keeping a straight left arm at the top of the golf swing.

This is probably exaggerated a little in this video as there have been (and are) plenty of great golfers with a bent arm at the top of the golf swing, however it’s food for thought on ensuring a more consistent, less missy, golf swing.

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