2015 Emirates Australian Open: Adam Scott, Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood press conferences

Adam Scott, Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood faced the media today ahead of the Australian Open.

Adam Scott
“I think it would be a bit rough to blame my daughter for my bad golf, so I won’t go there. I made some equipment changes this year with shafts and fiddled around a little bit with my game and that’s a bit dangerous and got myself not in the most comfortable spot on the golf course.”

Darren Clarke
“Down here in Australia, as well as having some of the best golf courses in the world, your renowned for having some of the purest greens in the world. If you miss putts here in Australia, it’s down to yourself, there’s nothing to do with the greens.”

Lee Westwood
“Not having played the golf course before is certainly a disadvantage but you can generally learn a golf course pretty quickly. You can get round most golf courses if you hit it straight and hit it close to the flag and hole a few putts; you’re probably going to contend that week, so that’s what I’m hoping to do this week.

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