2008 promises to be a great one for Australian golf

Hi all and welcome to the new year.

2008 sees some very exciting new prospects for Australia on the PGA Tour, namely Jason Day and Nick Flanagan, and as it rolls on hopefully we get to see them chalk up some good performances.

Apologies for the lack of posts over the break, but no doubt you’ve all been to busy out on the golf course trying out the new putter your received for Christmas or at the very least, the new golf socks. It’s a pity I didn’t see this gem earlier in the year when it was news but if you’ve got a bit of “fun” cash lying around or just something to put on the list to ask for next Christmas, this could be great!

Poolside golf! You’ve gotta love what golfers come up with to make sure it’s in every minute of our lives.

The Vintage Golf Club review is still on it’s way early this year as is more golf news, tips, stories and jokes.

May all your drivers be legal this year and your handicap plummet.

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