Wild winds and a forgivable 6-putt from a +1 handicapper

You can just about forgive this six-putt.

Rustic Canyon in California this week hosted the annual “Southern California Golf Association’s Tournament of Club Champions” – an 18-hole event that any club champion from the club champion from Southern California can enter.

But things got windy. Real windy. And a crazy, completely understandable 6-putt from a +1 handicapper was caught on video.

Before you watch, to give you some idea of what else went on Dylan Dethier reported for Golf.com that:

“Of the 93 club champions in the field — each of them with a handicap index at 2.4 or lower — just two golfers broke 80 on the day, and they were in the first group out, before the worst of the winds. Scratch golfers were four- and five-putting left and right. Twenty-six golfers withdrew or didn’t turn in their cards. One particularly resilient 2-handicap made four double digit scores, including a 12-putt for 18, and carded a 51-over 123.”

Ok, here is the video.

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