Wild, drunken golf course fight started because of a lost mobile phone

That golf course fight started because one man accused another of stealing his phone. And they were both very drunk.

By now you’ve probably seen the wild footage of a fight breaking out on a golf course.

A man rips out the flagstick to use as a weapon and eventually they come to blows using just their fists.

It’s crazy but we’ve been unsure of exactly where and when this video was taken,

But we’ve now Alex Myers at Golf Digest has gotten to the bottom of it, reporting it occurred last week at a golf course in South Africa.

In the middle of a charity golf day.

Myers stumbled across Graeme Hosken’s piece in South Africa’s Sunday Times who got the low-down, one golfer accused the other of stealing his phone.

Needless to say, they were all very drunk.

The turmoil erupted when one of the golfers, who was participating in a golf day for Laerskool Vryheidsmonument in Vereeniging, accused another of having stolen his cellphone.

The innocent golfer, according to the club’s general manager Deon Kruger, had in fact picked up the cellphone which was lying in the rough of the 17th hole when he heard it ring.

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