What are the top-5 longest golf balls on the market in 2024?

Forget the gym or hitting buckets of golf balls, just buy the golf ball that goes the furthest.

While Aussie Golfer is very much in the “roll back the golf ball” camp (and deflate the driver), we’re under no illusions that the vast majority of golfers are keen to hit the ball as far as possible right now.

This will always be the case of course. If Rory were striking the ball 150-metres with a driver, we’d all be gasping and wanting to hit it 151-metres.

So let’s not ignore the easiest way to hit the ball further – by buying the technology that makes the golf ball go further. It’s easier than hitting the gym and practising, right?

MyGolfSpy, who regularly miss the point on the golf ball rollback, has released the numbers for the longest golf balls. Under strict testing using a robot that hit 5,600 golf balls, they’ve listed the top-5 longest golf balls when struck at 115mph.

Starting off with the Srixon Z-star Diamond, coming in at a whopping 344.8 yards. It’s also a high spinning ball. Who would have thought?
At number four at 345 yards is the Vice Pro Plus.
At number three, we’ve got the Mizuno RB Tour X, and yes, Mizuno does make golf balls. Honestly, this is probably the most improved golf ball that we’ve tested in years.
At number two is the cult classic, the Titleist Pro V1x. Consistent, tried, and true, baby.
At number one at 348 yards is the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash, for the second test in a row.

And they have all the details on how the test was conducted (in 2023?) in great detail on their website including numbers for slower swing speeds – for the rest of us.

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