Westwood wants a fifth major, in Asia or Australia

Lee Westwood wants what many of us want; a fifth major.

The HSBC Champions website has reported that Lee Westwood likes the idea of having a fifth major, and preferably somewhere in the East, like Asia or Australia.
“I like the tradition of the Majors. I think the men’s game has got it pretty much right, although I’d like to see another Major somewhere else in the world. Somewhere like Asia or Australia,” said Westwood, ahead of the WGC-HSBC Champions event to be held in early November.
He also had a few things to say about the predominantly American based World Golf Championship events.

“The World Golf Championships should move around and encapsulate the whole world because it’s in the title of the tournaments. They should be played by players from all over the world and be played all over the world. China’s an emerging market for golf; there’s so many courses being built, people taking up the sport and people getting interested in the sport.”
It is nothing really profound if you live anywhere outside of the USA, but it is great to hear one of the world’s leading golfers actually say it. Let’s hope the momentum surrounding this idea can now start to roll on. The only question I have is, who decides?
Tip of the hat to PGA Australia.

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